Puppet Soap Opera

Love, Heartache, Puppets. The story of five regular monsters, fresh out of college and trying to find their way in the world.
Heartache, betrayal, love, can these friends navigate the rough waters of their ever changing world? 

Starring: Amanda Giobbi (Mary), Keith Rubin (Alastair), Kelley Quinn (Sophie), Jay Malsky (CJ), Robbie Chernow (Brona).


When 20-something BFF',s Cameron and English, moved to New York, they hadn't planned on the glam life of babysitting, or falling in love with the wrong men.

Guest starring: Amanda Giobbi in episodes 5&7.

Dumb Videos from A Long Time Ago

Here's a bunch of videos I wrote and acted in that are from a long time ago but are still pretty funny and I think you're gonna like them.

If you don't like them well, I can't help you. But I'll still love you. A lot. 

Thanks for watching. I love you. Too much? It's too much. I'm so sorry.


I  love you.